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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design and Integration

Designing. Developing. Programming. Problem solving. Do all of this and more as a drone engineer. In Kansas State Polytechnic’s unmanned aircraft systems design and integration degree option, you will go behind-the-scenes of drone technology to explore the intricacies of UAS construction and implementation, with no flight ratings required. The curriculum combines principles of computer science, electronics and mechanical engineering giving students the opportunity to work hands-on in multiple areas: communication systems, electronic circuits, machine design, manufacturing technology, camera systems and other payloads and more. Be at the forefront of designing and implementing new unmanned aircraft systems and make your mark on a growing industry.

Micah Klein

“I’m excited that this degree option has given me a wide variety of industry knowledge and provided me with a background in mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. Expert faculty have taught me how my education connects to the real world. After graduation, my goal is to own my own public safety company and design UAS systems.”

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Saeed Khan

“Our UAS Design and Integration degree option makes K-State Polytechnic the one-stop shop for all things UAS. We are focused on maintaining a state-of-the-art curriculum with an eye to the future.”

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Kendy Edmonds

“Throughout my classes I’ve gained an understanding and appreciation of the incredible technologies on board an unmanned aircraft system. I have learned mechanical, computer and electrical skills that are essential to work with other engineers in the industry and to understand the basic functions and components of each aircraft.”

David Burchfield

“Students in the UAS Design and Integration degree option have the remarkable opportunity to design, construct and fly their own unmanned aircraft systems. We know that hands-on building and flight experiences are crucial to prepare engineers for success in this fast-moving industry.”