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Robotics and Automation Engineering Technology Bachelor's Degree
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Robotics and Automation Engineering Technology

The robotics and automation engineering technology bachelor’s degree provides students the technical knowledge and analytical skills needed to design, build, and control the movements and actions of robots and automation systems. This program provides experiential learning in the fundamental areas of machine design and analysis and digital and analog circuits, along with specialized training in robotics and automation topics such as automated control systems, manufacturing, robotic programming algorithms, and various sensor systems including machine vision.

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Justin Kuntz

“This degree is great because it combines physical designing and programming concepts and enables students to design robust, highly efficient systems. The program provides a well-rounded understanding of the entire system, including design conception, mechanical design, system programming and operator interface, and helps engineers design the best solution.”

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Justin Ryan

“As an employer, we are constantly on the lookout for college graduates who can become Controls Engineers and can design and commission complex automation systems. We’re looking for people who have a solid understanding of both theoretical applications as well as hands-on aptitude and who can troubleshoot and have logical thinking skills.”

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Trevor Baker

“As manufacturing focus continues to change, systems are being upgraded with new technology every day. With this drives the need for a labor force with skills in electrical and automation controls. After graduation, I started my career in the automation and controls industry working day in and day out in the design and development of automated systems. The skills I gained at K-State Polytechnic allowed me to understand the systems I was controlling mechanically, operationally and electrically to provide a high-quality product and program for the customer.”

Travis Rolfs

“My bachelor’s degree has given me a solid foundation to develop my own career path in the automation industry. The extensive emphasis on application of knowledge through labs and projects gave me a significant head start over most of my engineering colleagues, when first starting my career.”